Sunset or Moonlight Paddle Trips
From the Rock Hall Beach and enter either Swan Creek or Tavern Creek and return to Rock Hall Beach

Map showing the two sunset tours Leaving from Rock Hall Beach, the Sunset Paddle explores either Tavern Creek or Swan Creek, two quite different creeks which lie side by side.

The Tavern Creek Tour leads paddlers briefly into the bay and across to the almost hidden entrance to the creek. Tavern Creek is largely undeveloped, with few boats about, because of its shallow depths.

The creek offers a great opportunity to see wildlife, especially lots of herons fishing the water's edge. We paddle over beds of sub-aquatic plants before making the turn for home. We may stop at a postage stamp-sized beach just inside the creek entrance before making the crossing to Rock Hall to the starting point on the beach..

The Swan Creek trip is a study in contrasts, new and old; open and wild and neatly sequestered sailboats and gentle civility. As we enter the creek at Gratitude (named for the old excursion ferry from Baltimore), we'll paddle past several marinas and boats on moorings or at anchor. On the right there's a considerable concentration of sailboats; on the left a largely undeveloped peninsula. We'll land at a small beach before moving on north in the creek to the quiet, wooded end, with its farms and waterfront homesteads. Several bald eagles have been spotted in the further reaches of this creek. We'll turn around here and start back, paddling back to our starting point as the sun sets into the bay behind us.

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