Paddle Trip #3
Gray's Inn Landing to Bogle's Wharf Landing



We'll Depart from a small landing in Gray's Inn Creek on our journey down the creek to the Chester River.


We'll paddle past waterfront homes, several of which are being restored and enlarged.


As we move down the creek, the shoreline expands into expanses of field and forest. Swans, Herons, Ospreys, Bald Eagles as well as a variety of migratory waterfowl inhabit this portion of the creek. In the fall, the creek teems with large flocks of honking Canadian Geese.


We'll paddle down the western shore of the creek passing numerous shallow coves such as Brown's Cove, Lucy Cove and Joiner's Cove. Large tracts of land owned by the DuPonts have been preserved in their natural state.


We'll paddle past the DuPont estate Napley Green, sitting high on a promontory, as if guarding the creek.


The lands below Napley Green are mostly low and marshy, providing excellent cover for the marsh inhabitants.


Passing Ringgold Point, we'll see the wooden bridge which connects Eastern Neck Island to the peninsula. Through this small opening tides flow swiftly to and from the Bay to the Chester River.


We will paddle on the edge of the salt marshes as we make our way to our destination at Bogle's Wharf on Eastern Neck Island.



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